Brand new master classes at Weldex 2019

For the first time, Weldex 2019 will offer workshops and demos from leading manufacturers

The master classes are open to chief engineers, technologists, chief welders and other specialists from 11.00-13.00 on 15-17 October in Pavilion 4.

Top manufacturers of welding equipment and technologies will explain in detail their technological innovations, demonstrate their features, and answer any questions directly.

Workshop schedule:

15 October: master class on high-quality welding materials:
11:00-11:25   Lincoln Electric: Domestic flux-cored wires produced as part of the import substitution programme Pavilion 4, Stand А113
11:30-11:55 ESAB: Welding electrodes, wires and fluxes of the highest quality, manufactured in Russia. Welding materials for high-quality reconditioning and hardening surfacing
Pavilion 4, Stand А431
12:00-12:25 NPF ITS: Solid and powder welding wires, ceramic lining ITS Pavilion 4, Stand А211

16 October: master classes on the use and application of modern means of mechanisation, automation and robotisation of welding, cutting and surfacing.
11:00-11:25 RUTEKTOR: The company’s opportunities and experience in mechanisation, automation and robotisation of welding, cutting, surfacing Pavilion 4, Stand А301
11:30-11:55 LINCOLN ELECTRIC: Standard and non-standard solutions for automating welding, cutting, surfacing. Split Arc Welding Technology Hyperfill Pavilion 4, Stand А113
12:00-12:25 ESAB: Solutions for mechanisation, automation and robotisation of welding, cutting, surfacing for business in various engineering industries Pavilion 4, Stand А431
12:30-12:55 TECHNOTRON: 25 years of experience in automation of welding and cutting in various sectors of high-tech production Pavilion 4, Stand А237
13:00-13:25 FANUC: Robotisation is easy. Choosing robots for welding, cutting, surfacing. Programming Basics Pavilion 4, Stand А335
17 October: welding equipment manufacturers will demonstrate innovative technologies, equipment and materials for welding aluminium and aluminium alloys at their stands.
11:00-11:25 CEBORA: Equipment for arc welding with aluminium and aluminium alloys: features of the technology and positive experience using the equipment
Pavilion 4, Stand А441
11:30-11:55 ESAB: Welding materials of super high quality, standard and automatic equipment for high-performance high-quality welding of products from aluminium and aluminium alloys. Pavilion 4, Stand А431
12:00-12:25 RUTEKTOR: High-tech and high-performance equipment for welding aluminium and aluminium alloys. Experience in equipping Russian production of aluminium alloy products Pavilion 4, Stand А301
12:30-12:55 LINCOLN ELECTRIC: Global experience in high-quality welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys. The new developments in welding equipment for aluminium welding DIGIWAVE III, ASPECT 200 P Pavilion 4, Stand А133

See you at the gathering place - a recreation area in Pavilion 4.1, stand B555 at 10:55 on October 15, 16 and 17.

Please note that the workshops will take place in Russian.

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