In 2021, the Weldex exhibition will be held, for the first time, at a new venue. Instead of the usual venue in Sokolniki, the International Exhibition of Welding Materials, Equipment and Technologies will be held at the Crocus Expo IEC. We spoke to the director of Weldex Tatiana Nagaslaeva about the reasons that led to the change of venue and expectations resulting from this decision.

What caused the move from Sokolniki? What can participants and visitors expect from the new venue?

Sokolniki has been a traditional venue for Weldex throughout its history but at the moment, there is a temporary hospital located in the complex performing the necessary tasks to combat the ongoing pandemic. As a result, we resolved the issue by moving the venue and Crocus Expo offered a helping hand in this regard.

Crocus has already become home to all the other Hyve Group events held in Moscow. For us, this is a familiar platform with which there are already proven mechanisms of work; and this year, our team is transferring Weldex to a well-known professional exhibition area without the loss of quality.

We believe that the key ingredient for a successful exhibition is not the platform but the organizer's professionalism; established business ties among all the event’s participants; and the number of interested professionals and the results of their interaction. This is what our team aims to ensure, making every effort to create a large and high-quality event at Crocus. Over the past few years, we have successfully transferred a number of our exhibitions to Crocus, which are leading in their industries and are now being held at Crocus Expo with great success.

Are there any changes awaiting the exhibition itself? Will visitors still be able to assess the equipment in operation right at the exhibitors' stands?

Weldex has been the country's main welding exhibition for 20 years and the Crocus space will help us make it even bigger and more relevant. At the new venue, we will continue to make Weldex more and more interesting for both visitors and participants from all over the world.
Of course, it should be noted that our main feature - the demonstration of welding equipment in action - will remain even after the move. In Crocus, same as in Sokolniki, we have been provided with all the necessary permits for welding which means that in the new location, our participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate welding equipment and technologies in action. Moreover, we will be able to hold traditional competitions for specialists, which we will try to make even more exciting and extensive.

How will the move impact the annual business program of the exhibition?

Positive changes await the business program as well. For Weldex 2021, we will build an open conference hall right in the pavilion, which will increase the attendance of the program and make it more accessible to all those interested. Not everyone was able to gain access to the speakers’ presentations in closed conference rooms but now, it will be possible to do it right in the process of getting to know the exhibition.

The industry has missed a professional and large-scaled welding exhibition. We are confident that the 20th anniversary of Weldex will be special and will bring positive results that will be remembered for a long time. We invite you to see this with us!
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