New at Weldex 2019: Aluminium Welding Conference

Weldex is pleased to host the 3rd annual conference ‘Developing Competencies in Aluminium Welding’ for the very first time this year.

Held on 17 October 2019, the conference is co-organised by the Association of Aluminium Producers, Suppliers and Consumers (Aluminum Association), with its partner being the Moscow Intersectoral Alliance of Chief Welders and Chief Specialists in Cutting and Metalworking. The conference will be held with the support of RUSAL.

The aim of the conference is to develop the deep processing of aluminium and expand the use of high-tech aluminium products for the aviation, shipbuilding, construction, and automotive industries, and transport engineering.

Key topics to be covered include:
  • Modern methods of welding aluminium alloy products in various industries
  • Welded aluminium alloys and promising technologies for creating structures with them
  • An experimental technology for manufacturing large lightweight panels from wrought aluminium alloys by friction stir welding
  • Various systems for calculating the quality of welds
  • New technologies in welding production
  • Standardisation in welding production: criteria, priorities and product quality management
  • International practice of qualification and certification of welding production staff

Speakers at the conference will be leading experts from the Kurchatov Institute, the Prometey Central Research Institute of Structural Engineering, Sespel, ILMIT, the Moscow Intersectoral Alliance of Chief Welders (MMGAS), the Federal Scientific and Research Centre for Welding and Control at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science, RTC Monitoring and Diagnostics, TsNIIPSK im. Melnikov, and many more.

The workshops are designed for manufacturing companies, research centres and industry unions interested in developing their competencies in aluminium welding for high-tech aluminium products for the aviation, shipbuilding and automotive industries, transport engineering, and the construction industry.

To attend, register with the Aluminium Association by 30 September and get your ticket to Weldex 2019 now.