Robotisation in welding processes – one of the key themes at Weldex 2019

Robots and automation as the key to agile manufacturing

This year’s Weldex 2019 will play host to the round table discussion ‘Robots and automation as the key to agile manufacturing’ on the opening day of the exhibition, 15 October. 

The event is open to welding professionals including production managers, chief welders, engineers, technologists and other professionals in transport engineering, metallurgy, oil and gas and other metalworking industries who are planning to introduce or upgrade robots in their business’ welding processes.

The event will be moderated by Alisa Konyukhovskaya, Executive Director of the National Association of Robotics Market Participants and will cover:
  • The development of the industrial robotics market in Russia and globally
  • 5 myths about robotisation and the economic feasibility of robotics welding
  • Design and modelling of robotic technical complexes - what to instruct integrators, what to develop for yourself
  • Background and experience in implementing robots in manufacturing businesses
Global leaders in the industrial robotics market - Fanuc, KUKA, Kawasaki, Weber Comechanics, Vector Group, and Yaskawa - will share best practices in robotics for both single solutions and production lines, discuss the cost-effectiveness of robotic welding in small-scale production, and share what to look out for when implementing robotic technical complexes.

Join the welding robotics industry at 11.00am on 15 October 2019, Conference Hall 1, Pavilion 4-4.1, Sokolniki, Moscow.

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