Rusolvo comes to WELDEX 2019

Rusolvo is a Russian manufacturer of pipe weld inerting gas purging equipment used in welding.

At the company's stand Rusolvo you can see a full range of the goods, creating the perfect environment for purging because of keeping inerting gas in the weld zone, such as:
  • Water-soluble paper RPS, RPS-1;
  • Water-soluble film Rufilm RFB;
  • Water-soluble tape RPST;
  • Aluminium tape Ru-Tape for sealing of compounds.
The company produces high-quality goods, using advanced technologies and unique developments that ensure simplicity and efficiency of the goods.

The main advantage of Rusolvo’s output over foreign manufacturers of purging equipment is low cost of the same quality goods since the manufacture is located in Russian Federation.

You can find more information on the site: