The company introduces a new pressure regulator for gas cylinders and the Gas Fit line of gas accessories.

The TRIO-SERVICE company presents a novelty - a pressure regulator for gas cylinders IGT A302ieP2-NM with a safety valve and a pressure gauge.

The reducer is a single stage LPG pressure regulator. It maintains a predetermined stable outlet pressure regardless of fluctuations in the initial pressure. It connects to G30 standard gas appliances (bottled / liquefied gas).

The regulator is suitable for gas stoves with one to five cooking zones. The connection length should not exceed 5 meters. The connection to the gas appliance is carried out by means of a hose with an inner diameter of 9 mm.

Unlike most gearboxes, the IGT A302ieP2-NM is equipped with a pressure gauge and a safety valve.

Thanks to the pressure gauge, you can easily determine the residual gas pressure in the cylinder. A safety valve with a gas control system cuts off the gas supply in the event of a hose breakage or abnormal disconnection of the hose from the appliance (stove, heater, etc.).

Thanks to this, the use of a gas appliances becomes safe.

Main characteristics of the A302ieP2-NM regulator:

  • Fitting material - zinc alloy
  • Inlet connection - union nut M27 left thread W21.8 × 1/14
  • Outlet connection - nipple, 9mm
  • Type - balloon, low pressure
  • Working medium - propane / butane
  • Inlet pressure - 16 bar
  • Outlet pressure - 29 (30) - 37 mbar
  • Tank connection type - LPG (Shell)
  • Operating temperature range from −40 to +50 ° C

The TRIO-SERVICE company offers its customers a line of gas components under the GasFit brand.

These are high quality accessories for household and professional use. The assortment includes splitters, various adapters and fittings, and jets for household gas stoves.

All products are made of brass (GOST 15527-2004), have passed multi-stage production control, and meet all the requirements of Russian standards.

All components are easy to install, affordable, and durable.

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