In 2021, a VR Zone with welding simulators for training and advanced training of welders will continue to operate on the territory of the Weldex exhibition.

Welding training in a virtual and augmented reality environment is becoming an increasingly popular training tool that allows professionals to practice skills in realistic conditions without the risk of injury and the cost of expensive materials.

All visitors to the exhibition will be able to personally test the Soldamatic welding simulator. The basis of the device is innovative technologies, resources, and methods based on the simulation of the welding process using augmented reality technology. The digital system is a complete educational and technological product that brings a new approach to vocational, technical, and industrial training.

The VR Zone partner is ABICOR-BINZEL - one of the world leaders in the production of welding torches, consumables, and peripherals. It cooperates with leading enterprises in the production of welding machines and robo-welding as well as with the largest manufacturers of automotive equipment, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, etc.

The VR zone will operate during all days of the exhibition at the stand of Pavilion 3.12. To visit the VR zone and other events of the exhibition, get an e-ticket.

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