Business Programme

7 events

50 speakers

400 delegates

The business program of the exhibition is a platform for open dialogue between manufacturers and customers of equipment and materials, discussion of market trends, a review of innovative technologies and creative solutions in the field of welding processes. Participation in business program events is an opportunity to get first-hand practically valuable information for business development in Russia, exchange of experience and acquaintance yourself with successful cases.

Among the speakers of conferences and seminars are representatives of manufacturers and integrators of welding equipment and technologies, international experts and top specialists from foreign manufacturers.

In 2018, the business programme of the Weldex exhibition expanded significantly and was supplemented with new thematic events. For the first time, the exhibition hosted the conference "Industrial robotization: from decision-making to successful implementation", during which reports were made on the development prospects of the industrial robotics market in Russia and in the world, cases on the use of new technologies abroad and on a phased approach to welding robotization. The conference participants also shared their experience in introducing robotic welding in production and talked about the possibilities of increasing production efficiency when using robotic systems.

In the framework of the business programme Weldex with great success were held:

  • Seminar «How to start a manufacturing business of high-tech welding equipment in Russia»
  • Seminar «Modernization of production processes: implementation of additive technologies»
  • Moscow main welders’ session
  • Conference «Welding of polymeric materials»

All events of the business programme were visited by more than 400 specialists.