Exhibition sections

Welding equipment and materials
Equipment for the assembly of welded structures
Equipment for manufacture of details
Equipment for mechanization and automation ...
Cutting equipment
Mechanical cutting
Thermal cutting
Laser cutting
Industrial robots
Welding robots
Robotic stations
Robotic welding systems
Equipment and materials for application of protective and hardening coatings
Plasma spraying coatings
Laser cladding coatings
Electric arc mechanization coatings
Welding quality control equipment
Types of quality control of welded joints
Tools and accessories for welding
welding posts, welding tables
boxes for electrodes, tool boxes
racks for parts and finished products
Corrosion Protection
Electrochemical protection means
Insulating coatings for metal structures
Diagnostic equipment
Personal and collective protective equipment
Special clothes and shoes
Head protection
Respiratory protection
Tools for edge preparation
Chamfering machine
Flange Turning
Thermal metal cutting machine