Exhibitor testimonials


Weldex is the largest exhibition for welding technologies in Russia at the moment, and Rutektor is a traditional participant. This year we decided to become a sponsor in order to maintain the significance of this exhibition. By participating in the exhibition, we strive to acquaint our existing and potential buyers with new equipment as closely as possible, so that they can see how it all works, how it cooks.
- Andrey Sakovets, General Director


We brought to this exhibition all the equipment, the entire line that we produce: from simple machines for manual arc welding to complexes for cutting and automatic welding of large-diameter pipes. At the exhibition, you can get to know clients, colleagues, find out who's achievements. Weldex is the main Russian welding exhibition. If there is a choice which exhibition to go to, then only Weldex.
- Oleg Getskin, General Director


Traditionally, we participate in the Weldex exhibition in order to show new products, in order to establish a direct dialogue with our customers. Everyone knows Weldex, this is the central event in the welding industry in the fall, so many specialists come from different parts of the country.
- Evgeny Matveev, Head of Sales for the Central Region



We decided to take part in this exhibition in order to show the equipment we manufacture and bring our brand to the Russian market. We learned about the exhibition from our customers from Russia. They advised to participate in Weldex, because it is the largest exhibition of welding equipment.
- Roberto Casarini, President


We participate in Weldex to show visitors our equipment and the new products we are developing. We also try to get as much feedback as possible at the exhibition, to find out what is interesting for enterprises now. We have been participating in Weldex constantly since 2002, because it is the most representative exhibition in our country.
- Mikhail Basov, head of the welding department


Participation in the exhibition for us, first of all, is an opportunity to meet with partners, colleagues, an opportunity to communicate. Some new ideas arise, new solutions, contacts. We take part in Weldex because it is the leading exhibition for welding. Our company has been on the Russian market for 9 years and is participating in Weldex for the fourth time. And I am sure we will continue this wonderful tradition.
- Sharishev Vadim



We participate in the exhibition to demonstrate our advantages to consumers. We have been participating in Weldex since 2005, we like everything very much. Compared to other exhibitions, more specialists come here, everyone comes up and asks specific questions. Therefore, the stand must be attended by technical specialists from the plant itself.

- Victoria Vinogradova, Quality Director