Exposition Welding In Art

Traditionally, the exhibition organizes a special exposition, “Welding in Art,” which demonstrates metal work performed by welding and forging methods.

Participants of the special exhibition “Welding in art” 2018:

  1. Students MGHPA S.G. Stroganova: Borodin Nikita - Algae, Scherbakov Alexey - Fish, Maria Ivanova - Fireplace Lattice, Vlad Zemskov - The Triad
  2. Vladimir and Elena Batishchevs. Works: Palm, Coffee table
  3. Boris Bazhenov Wing.Hand, Human Vertical
  4. Alexey Aparin Collection
  5. Nadezhda Lis Lamps Flower, Horseman of the Apocalypse
  6. The Union of Russian Blacksmiths: The Hut on Chicken Legs, Serpent Mountain, Fish, Fish Bar
  7. Boris Mityushkin. Angel Fish, The Thorny Path Up, Moai Easter Island
  8. Arkady Ligerman The Wonderful Collection ARLI