Fasteners & hardware

Participants of the new section of the Weldex exhibition - Fasteners and hardware, Equipment for their welding and pressing - will present their latest developments in this sector to the visitors’ attention.

In this exposition section, all kinds of tools from the welder's arsenal, including highly specialized ones, will be presented. One of these tools is welded and press-fit fasteners, which will allow you to get an exceptionally high-quality, reliable and durable connection between metals. Press nuts, welded studs and threaded rivets are also very popular among specialists.

Industrial hardware is rivets, crutches that are used in railway construction, rails, telegraph and telephone hooks, as well as metal wire, steel tape, steel ropes, metal mesh, nails, spring washers, adjustable cotter pins. Equipment for welding and pressing fasteners is necessary for specialists from various areas of metalworking production.