Benefits of exhibiting

Light a new spark in the development of your business – exhibit at Weldex!

Weldex is the largest international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies in Russia (in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors). This is a unique marketing tool that allows your company to meet a wide range of business goals in the shortest time and with maximum effect.


Weldex exhibitors have an opportunity to:

  • Showcase equipment and materials to the large number of target visitors
  • Attract new clients, interested in purchasing welding products
  • Increase sales volume, supply geography and profit
  • Strengthen relationships with the existing partners
Weldex exhibitors
Weldex exhibition

What makes the Weldex exhibition different from other marketing tools?

  • Personal meetings with the largest buyers from 74 Russian regions who are looking for welding products - you do not need to go anywhere, customers will come to you

87% of visitors come to the exhibition to search for products and services for business and to get acquainted with trends

  • Possibility to show live the process of welding, cutting and soldering with your equipment to a wide target audience

6 097 unique Weldex visitors in 2023 –

Record-braking number of visitors within the whole exhibition history!

  • Guaranteed return on investment

78% of visitors plan to purchase exhibitors' products

  • Reflection of the Russian buyers’ modern behavior and market trends

Participation in the exhibition will allow you to get reliable information about the demand for a particular product, see with your own eyes which of the competitors remained on the market and what new products they have, get instant feedback from buyers regarding your equipment and materials and find out what is the key argument when making purchase decisions for equipment from your potential customers.


Unique formats of participation in the exhibition

Your company can not only take part with a stand and demonstrate its products, but also additionally choose other formats that allow you to get the maximum effect from participation in the event.

Establish your market leader status with exhibition advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Our marketing options will allow you to be constantly near your potential customers both online and offline.

Promote your equipment and materials among welders by providing your products to the National Championship "Russian Welding Cup - Weldex" and Woman in Welding competition.

Gain the status of market expert for your company through the participation in the business program.
You can either become a speaker of the exhibition event (the speech of the company representative and the topic are strictly agreed with the content producer), or hold your own event at the venue.

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