Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities allow you to promote your company both during the exhibition and long before it. They are designed to enhance the marketing effect of participation and to offer further chances to promote your company on the market.

Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities of Weldex allow you to:

  • Promote your brand to a target professional audience
  • Attract more visitors to your stand
  • Stand out from other companies and gain competitive advantages
  • Strengthen your market position and awareness of your brand
  • Showcase new products and services

The content of sponsorship packages can be adjusted to fit the marketing aims, objectives and specifics of your company. We are happy to discuss special packages as part of sponsoring Weldex.

For more information, please contact us:

Khadija Mubarik
Customer Success Executive
+971 (4) 457 2926
[email protected]

Julia Zubkova
Brand Manager
[email protected]

We are happy to discuss the possibility of creating customized, non-standard sponsorship and advertising packages to fit your goals for the Weldex exhibition!