Industry trends review by Weldex

In 2020–2021, the world economy has been subjected to sharp market fluctuations. The welding industry and manufacturers of metallurgical products were affected the most due to decreased demand for metal. This was largely caused by the pandemic situation and suspension of production and construction projects; first in China and then in other countries.

As the Chinese economy started to recover in May 2020, the trend began to positively change. In Q3, there was an acceleration in price growth, which continued until the beginning of 2021.

The reason for this unstable dynamic is a drop in demand for metallurgical products in many producing countries. During the first wave of the pandemic, enterprises, blast furnaces, and converters were closed.

China with its massive government stimulus program was the first country to see a rebound in economic activity. As a result, there was a sharp increase in domestic demand for metal products and an increase in prices for steel products around the world.

Industry trends review by Weldex

Structure of steel production by regions in 2020, %. | Source: Bloomberg

Research of the Russian and world markets of welding equipment, according to MarketsandMarkets, shows a positive compound annual growth rate, including the pandemic year and forecast until 2030. This means that the demand for welding products is steadily growing and the market needs to look for ways to meet this demand, despite the unstable situation in raw materials market:

Weldex 2020

World and Russian market of welding equipment, forecast (2019–2030) | Source: MarketsandMarkets

Sources: Bloomberg, MarketsandMarkets, delprof.ru

As part of Weldex 2021, a blitz analytics session was held where experts from leading analytical companies (MarketsandMarkets and MetalResearch) and industry market leaders (ESAB, Vector Group, and others) discussed the state of the modern international and Russian market of welding technologies, materials, and equipment, including industry development forecasts.

We are already developing an interesting Business Programme for Weldex 2022, where leading experts will share analytical and market news and highlight current topics and industry trends.

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