The Weldex international exhibition has again become a center of attraction for thousands of welding professionals and a wide range of technologies

From October 11 to October 14, 2022, Weldex, the 21st International Exhibition of Welding Materials, Equipment and Technologies, ran with great success at the Crocus Expo IEC.

High attendance, a large number of exhibitors, hundreds of new products, productive business negotiations, equipment testing at stands, communication with experts and experienced colleagues, master classes in welding various types of metal, professional conferences, new useful acquaintances - all this and much more happened during 4 days at Weldex 2022.

This year the exhibition ended with excellent results:

  • 4,954 unique visitors from 72 Russian regions and 11 countries (23% more than 2021)
  • 123 manufacturers and suppliers of welding equipment and materials from 10 countries (Russia, Belarus, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland), which is 12% more than the number of exhibitors in 2021
  • 6 515 sqm exhibition area
  • 12 business program events, 55 speakers, 373 unique visitors
  • 3 professional competitions
  • 8 winners of the Weldex Exhibitors Award 2022


Recognized local and international market leaders presented a wide range of new products at their stands, including: Abinsk Electro Metallurgical Plant, VECTOR GROUP, Samara Welding Group, DeltaSvar, GOODEL Welding Materials Plant, Ceramax, Metallstroysnab, RUTECTOR, TENA, Cherepovets Welding Plant materials, ALLOY, Castolin Eutectic, Cebora, ESVA, Fubag, LASSARD, MAGMAWELD, Megmeet, Messer Cutting Systems, etc.

This year, more than 20% of the exhibition were new exhibitors, including: APS Expert, NPO Invertor, ASKUE Systems, CRP ROBOT, DonElectroIntel, Electro Intel, Fine Electrowerktsoyge, GOODEL, GREENS, LASSARD, PK Istochnik, MEGMEET, SELMA, Pride Avtomatiks , RHYTHM, SOLID, Technograv, Trilobit, Velitul and others.

Weldex 2022 Exhibitors

Exhibitors presented a wide range of their best solutions in 10 product groups:

  • equipment and materials for welding
  • metal cutting equipment
  • industrial robots
  • equipment and materials for applying protective and hardening coatings
  • technologies for quality control of welded joints
  • tools and appliances for welding
  • means for individual and collective protection during welding
  • edging equipment
  • soldering equipment
  • technical gases

The Aurora company presented its AuroraPRO SKYWAY 500 DUAL PULSE inverter semi-automatic welding machine with water cooling. Its main characteristics are: 380 V voltage, 25 kW power consumption 25 kW, MIG/MAG current regulation range 20-500 A, TIG current regulation range 5-500 A, MMA current regulation range 20-500 A.

Cebora presented semiautomatic appliances for MIG/MAG and arc welding and cutting, appliances and installations for TIG welding and much more. Cebora KINGSTAR 520 TS semi-automatic machine copes with 29 types of welding wire in Synergic mode, has a wire feed speed of 0.7-25 m / min, programs for stainless steel, soldering copper, aluminum, alloys, LCD-touchscreen (resistive), and also has PV 100% 440A, 3D MIG Pulse, Pulse HD, Double Pulse, Root, SRS and other specifications. Single-phase argon-arc welding machine Cebora WIN TIG AC-DC 180M for welding in TIG AC-DC mode with innovative technologies: IPS display, wide viewing angles, MIX TIG function (AC + DC in one arc), Cold Weld "- cold mode welding from 0.01 sec., eXtra Pulse function (TIG DC XP), EVO ST, EVO lift - jewelry precision ignition, etc.

A wide range of new products was presented at the exhibition by PC Source. Their Arkterm-400 plasma metal cutting system (Arctherm SM400) has cutting speed (up to) 9800.0 mm/min, penetration (up to) 50.0 mm, limiting cutting thickness of mild steel 80.0 mm. Also at the company's stand, you could find IS228687 air-cooled solenoid valve, IS220181 electrode with an amperage of 130A, IS220990 nozzle for manual and mechanized plasma cutting of metal, and much more.

The Southern Industrial Group presented at its booth a unique Panasonic welding robot of the TAWERS TM–WG3/WGH3 series, which combines all welding processes in one system (MAG, MIG-PULSE, MIG, AC-MAG, HD-PULS, MAG-HEAT, MTS-CO2 ,TIG).

SUPERON SCHWEISSTECHNIK INDIA presented a wide range of welding wires and consumables for hardfacing and spraying at its stand.

Welding Group Samara demonstrated unique developments at the exhibition - Deping Technology DPHP-Z100 self-propelled crawler welding units (total weight - 11200 kg, Cummins QSB6.7-G32 Turbo engine, 183 kW (248 hp), 2200 rpm, generator type - Faraday FD3C, 100 kW, 50 Hz (engine operation 1500 rpm), hook height above the ground / boom radius 11 meters / 2.1-8.0 meters, max lifting capacity at min./max. - 5580 kg / 1120 kg) and Deping Technology MPS-H100-3 (total weight - 9500 kg, engine - Cummins QSB5.9-G31 Turbo, 147 kW (200 hp), 2200 rpm, generator type - Faraday FD3C 100 kW, 50 Hz (motor running 1500 rpm), hook height above the ground / Boom radius 9.2 meters / 2.4-7.5 meters, maximum load capacity at min./max. boom reach - 3030 kg / 680 kg).

Modern robotic systems MOTOMAN were presented by Roksystems. At the CRP AUTOMATION stand, visitors could experience industrial welding robots with cables with a high level of flexibility, ensuring smooth and stable operation of the robot, the arm length of 1440mm can handle most parts of small and medium-sized industries.

The Welding Center demonstrated the Econocut gantry, among the new products for thermal sheet cutting.

Exhibitors’ products

New Fastenex section launch

The premiere of a new section of fasteners, hardware and tools - Fastenex took place at Weldex 2022. The section was presented by foreign companies, including BSC corporation, HEBEI FUAO FASTENER MANUFACTURING CO. LTD, Jiaxing Chinafar Standard Parts Co. LTD, FASTO INDUSTRIAL CO. LIMITED, Hebei Chengyi Engineering Materials Co. LTD, HEBEI YUETONG FASTENERS MANUFACTURING CO. LTD, ANHUI CHITONG HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY CO. Ltd.

Over 900 specialists got acquainted with the product range of companies during the 4 days of the exhibition.

Exhibitors feedback

“We have been exhibiting at the Weldex exhibition for about 10 years. It is our main platform for the presentation of our products. We find a very large part of our clients here, active negotiations take place here. At Weldex, we learn about the latest trends in welding, what new brands are appearing on the market, what new technologies are being presented.”
Welding Group Samara

“Weldex is probably the most famous welding exhibition in Russia. This year, the industrial sector of the Russian Federation faces a lot of tasks. Manufacturers of various levels come to us, discuss what challenges the market is now dictating, how to replace equipment that has left the market. Weldex is a traditional platform for discussing all kinds of welding tasks.”
Pride Automatics

“We get a lot of useful contacts here, chief welders and purchasing managers come to us. Each new exhibition we grow with new contacts, Weldex is a great opportunity to show live all the welding processes that we provide.”

“The exhibition is a direct live communication with people. We always have excellent results at the exhibition, which help us throughout the year. Participation in the exhibition is a very effective promotion of the company on the market.”
Welding Center

“Weldex is one of the key exhibitions for us. We could provide the welding competition with our equipment, where it would be tested among professionals, people would see its advantages and inform their managers. We get fame, popularity and the potential opportunity to sell all the products at the exhibition thanks to personal communication.”

“Exhibiting at Weldex gives us the opportunity to showcase new products and update our customer base. Long-term cooperation with the Weldex exhibition helps to expand the segment of our products and find new partners.”
Southern Industrial Group

4 954 unique visitors at Weldex 2022

This year, 23% more visitors than in 2021 attended the exhibition. 2,804 people are new visitors - 27% more than in 2021. The density of the exhibition was 40 visitors per participant - 18% more than in 2019. Company executives and top managers accounted for 68% of all visitors.

64% of specialists visited the exhibition in order to search for new products, services, business partners and obtain industry information.

The visitors of the exhibition represent all sectors of the industry that use welding and cutting in their productions:

  • Engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft industry
  • Construction
  • Military-industrial complex
  • Railway complex
  • Energy
  • Housing and communal services

Business program - keeping up with the times and studying trends

The International Forum of Welding Manufacture at Weldex 2022 included 12 events with 55 speakers and 373 unique visitors. The experts discussed technological trends in the development of the industry, market analytics and import substitution issues. The attention of the visitors was also attracted by the discussions of automation of welding manufacture, developing technologies in welding and the specific features of welding aluminum and other types of metal.

The business program of the exhibition began with the strategic session “Welding manufacture in the Russian Federation: materials, equipment, technologies. Market development strategy”. The moderator of the meeting, Evgenia Dmitrieva, Executive Director of ITS Energo LLC, presented the results of a survey of employees of enterprises using welding technologies and equipment in their work. According to the survey, 27% of companies experienced supply problems after February 24, 42% did not notice a negative effect, another 31% felt it partially, that is, they were able to rebuild supply chains after difficulties arose.

Speaking about the activities of the enterprise, Andrey Vladimirov, Deputy General Director for Research at Zavod Technological Sources LLC, said that the plant is implementing the concept of Industry 4.0 and has already integrated a decentralized digital management and control system, including using neural networks for these purposes. The share of foreign components in production is small - from 12.5% to 14.4%, depending on the type of welding.

Pavel Maslennikov, Chief Welder of Admiralty Shipyards JSC, said that there are no Russian flux-cored wires for shipbuilding now, and all positions submitted as domestic ones are either repackaged imports or produced in the country by foreign brands.

After a short break in the Weldex conference hall, the third Russian meeting of welding specialists “Problems of the welding industry in the Russian Federation and ways to solve them” was held under the chairmanship of the president of MMAGS, Yuri Podkopaev. The history of the meetings began in 2019 at the Weldex exhibition, the venue of which was decided to be used for discussion and joint search for solutions to the problems that exist in the welding industry. Every year at the meeting, the exchange of experience and results of work takes place, the most acute tasks facing the industry are identified, and a final document is drawn up and based on the results of the meeting, supervised by the editorial board, selected by vote.

Trend session “Technological development of welding manufacture under sanctions: promising areas and areas of application. Experience of Leading Enterprises” was the final event of the first day of the exhibition. The participants of the session spoke about their technological achievements, novelties and production optimization. The moderator was Evgenia Arnautenko, General Director of Weldperfect LLC.

Vladimir Bukato presented JSC NPF ITS, a manufacturer of welding consumables and equipment, as well as mechanization and automation means for welding, at the session. When developing ITS is aimed at minimization of the number of imported components in order to completely eliminate dependence on supplies from abroad over time.

Director of Agroblokstroy LLC (VABS group) Aleksey Bukin spoke about the experience of the company, which has been on the market since 2006. During this time, VABS group has had to deal with sanctions more than once, both external and internal. The company was focused on European processes and faced a lack of cooperation in the Russian market and did not find contractors for certain types of work, so as a result it had to build its own production for 9 workshops.

Boris Bersenyev, Production Director, Metal Structures Plant MAMI LLC, which is a partner of the Association of the Steel Construction Development, shared valuable knowledge about pulse welding machines, spoke about the pros and cons of these technologies and what kind of work they should be used for.

The second day of the exhibition was devoted to new technologies in aluminum alloy welding and manufacture robotization. The VI scientific-practical conference on aluminum welding "New in welding, cutting, surfacing in the manufacturing of products from aluminum and aluminum alloys" ran. The topic of the conference was the issues of aluminum welding in the automotive, aviation, shipbuilding industries, as well as the use of high-tech methods when working with alloys. Conference co-organizer: Aluminum Association. Partners: OK RUSAL, ILMIT.

Among the speakers there were representatives of the companies-members of the Aluminum Association, scientific organisations and manufacturing companies that use or study new welding technologies and materials. Moderator: Elena Asanova, Director of Coordination and Market Interaction, Aluminum Association.

Representative of the Aluminum Association V.V. Ivanenko spoke about the use of aluminum alloys in shipbuilding. Due to their lightness and strength, alloys of this material are widely used in ship structures.

Andrey Nikolaev, process engineer of CJSC Sespel, shared his experience in applying friction stir welding in the manufacture of the company's products. The main products of Sespel are automobile semi-trailers, the company is also engaged in car building and the production of bridge spans.

The topic of the report by S7 Space representative Anton Linnik was the use of modern welding technologies in the manufacture of launch vehicle tank bodies. The project requires various types of aluminum alloy parts, for the manufacture of which two types of welding are used: the already mentioned friction stir welding and wire arc welding.

Ruslan Aliyev, Project Manager of the Department of Wrought Alloys and Composite Materials at ILM&T, presented the results of using the sparingly alloyed scandium-containing aluminum alloy 1581. Adding scandium to the alloy makes it possible to achieve a significant increase in strength, but such a step requires large economic costs due to the cost of scandium. The economy of the 1581 alloy lies in the amount of scandium used, which allows you to find a balance between price and quality.

The day continued with the session "Robotics in welding manufacture", dedicated to the possibilities of the automation market, the work of suppliers under sanctions and original Russian developments. Session partner: NAURR. The moderator of the session, Olga Mudrova, Executive Director of NAURR, in her opening speech advised companies interested in the use of robotics in manufacture to pay attention to government support measures, which may include leasing and special tax zones in various regions.

Igor Ryzhenkov, director of Robovizard, spoke about the 15-year history of the company. Over the past years, SPbPU and UrFU have created robotization centers that allow customers to try robots in action and, together with suppliers, create some kind of solution for specific industrial tasks. Supply channels from China have also been established for positions that can replace Western and Japanese robots, albeit with slightly different control specifics.

Information about domestic developments was shared by Maxim Furman from the Robotech company. The line of robots produced by the company includes models of various sizes and payloads, and its feature is the use of up to 90% of domestic components, a lower price (up to 20%) and the constant availability of spare parts.

Throughout the third day of the exhibition, the "School of the welder" worked in the Weldex conference hall. The co-organizer of the event is the Association of Steel Construction Development (ARSS). A series of presentations by invited speakers was devoted to the practical issues of applying welding technologies and equipment in real production with the greatest efficiency. The moderator was Ekaterina Samarina, the head of the direction for interaction with ZMK ARSS, who took part in the seminar "Harmonization of standards, certification and attestation", from which the session began.

The session also united such speakers as Alexander Mullin, Head of the International Personnel Certification Body, Elena Grushina, QUALITY Group of Companies, Sergey Boaga, ASSOCIATION OF ESTONIAN WELDERS, SPECTR LLC. Evgeny Samarin, project manager for the metal structures market development, EVRAZ Taranenko PI, Metal Garant plant, touched upon a very important topic “Welding of weather-resistant and high-strength steels”. The specialist shared his experience in welding weather-resistant steel at enterprises.

Andrey Pustobaev, Commercial Director of SMS LLC, in his speech at the Welder's School, described the parameters that determine the strength class of steel. Thus, to create the most high-strength steel, an optimal mode of hot rolling and heat treatment, a selected microalloying scheme, and a low carbon content are required. These conditions are implemented by some domestic companies capable of producing high-strength rolled products with a thickness of up to 100 mm inclusive.

The topic of the report by A.V. Voronov (JSC NPF "ITS") was the welding of dissimilar materials on the example of bimetallic pipes. According to the experience of the enterprise, when using traditional technology, there is a risk of obtaining defects: interlayers of a crystallized nature and carbide ridges. These interlayers have low ductility, due to which microtears and cracks may appear in them. In this regard, the company proposes a change in technology: the weld root is welded with the same alloys as the base, and the pipe body is filled with transition materials. Especially for these processes, ITS produces a series of flux-cored wires used in a wide range of welding operations, including welding of dissimilar steels.

Evgenia Arnautenko, General Director of Weldperfect LLC, presented an overview of existing methods for detecting, treating and repairing cracks. According to the speaker's observations, cracks are very common, because welding work often takes place in difficult conditions using sophisticated equipment.

Nikolai Grezev, Head of the Laser Welding Sector of NTO IRE-Plus LLC, spoke about laser welding technologies based on IPG fiber lasers. Last year, the company launched a 1.5 kW manual laser welding machine, which allows welding with both conventional laser welding and laser welding with filler wire.

Exhibition professional contests - competition of the best of the best

The exhibition traditionally hosted the annual professional contests "Best Professional Welder", "Best Young Welder", "Best Engineer (Scientist) in Welding" and a new competency contest "Women in Welding".

Experts not only from Russia, but also from Belarus took part in the competitions. The Russian regions and towns that were presented by the participants of the competition are: Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Republic of Tatarstan, Novy Urengoy, Saratov Region, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Stavropol Region, Novosibirsk, Smolensk Region, Lipetsk and others. The participants of the competition are real professionals from Tatneft PJSC Bugulma Mechanical Plant, Monastyrikha Chemical Plant LLC, Stavrolen LLC, Sergiev Posad College, Stupino Technical School named after A.T. Tumanov ", JSC "STAL-MOSTKONSTRUKTSIYA", JSC "Mosvodokanal", OOO "VolgaHydro", GAPOU MO "Professional College" Moskovia "SP. in Kashira, PJSC "Novosibirsk Plant of Chemical Concentrates" (NCCP), NPO "Passat", GBPOU College of Architecture, Design and Reengineering No. 26 (GBPOU "26 KADR") and many others.

12 winners were determined in different categories. The results of the competitions were announced at the awards ceremony on October 13, 2022.

The sponsors of the competitions and the award ceremony were the companies JSC NPF ITS and LLC Technological Center TENA, which provided prizes for the winners.

The Weldex team is grateful for the support of the exhibition 2022

The Weldex 2022 exhibition thanks the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow, the Ministry of Investments, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region, the Representative Office of the Governor and the Government of the Leningrad Region under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Moscow Intersectoral alliance of master welders.

General media partner: Welding manufacture magazine, Engineering Technology publishing house

General multimedia partner: Portal / Magazine "Mediapaluba"

General partner of the exhibition: ELSVAR

Industry information partners: Association of the Steel Construction Development (ARSS), Association of Metalworking Enterprises (AMP), National Association of Robotics Market Participants (NAURR).

Informational support was provided by: Aluminum Association, Association of Pipeline Systems Manufacturers, Alliance of Welders, Magazine / Portal "Territory Neftegaz", RIC "Technosfera" (Magazines "Stankoinstrument", "Electronics", "Photonics", Portal "ELEC", Magazine "Industrial Pages”, Magazine / Portal “Korabel.ru”, Portal “Shipbuilding Info”, Industry Information Agency “Energy News”, Magazine “Electrical Engineering Market”, Specialized Industry Internet Portal “Marketelectro.ru”, Magazine / Portal “Websvarka”, Journal "Rhythm of Mechanical Engineering", Journal "Additive Technologies", International Portal "Discover a New Russia!" and others.

Weldex 2023, the 22nd International Exhibition of Welding Materials, Equipment and Technologies, will run on October 10-13 at the Crocus Expo, Moscow.