Weldex 2023 exhibition has completed its work

This year the exhibition was visited by 6,097 specialists from all over the country, which is 23% higher than last year

The largest international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies, Weldex 2023 in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors, brought together leading manufacturers and suppliers at one venue with an audience of welding market specialists open to purchases and new business contacts.

More than 150 companies from Russia, China, Turkey, India and Vietnam presented their products at the exhibition in the following product groups:

• equipment and materials for welding
• metal cutting equipment
• industrial robots
• equipment and materials for applying protective and strengthening coatings
• technologies for quality control of welded joints
• tools and accessories for welding work
• means for individual and collective protection during welding work
• equipment for edge processing
• soldering equipment
• technical gases

The exposition was located on 8000 square meters area, which is twice bigger thant it was last year.

Innovative solutions and quality products were presented by: Castolin Eutectic, Cebora, Deka, Fubag, Goodel, Groit, Grovers, Megmeet, United Machinery, Roxisites, SMD, Kron-SPB, Eurotek, Kontur-92, Rudetransservice, Arsenal-Metiz, Variant -A, Vector Group, Vekprom, DeltaSvar, Elloy, ITS-Engineering, Technograph, Foxveld, GRPZ, Esva, Everest, Agni, A3-Engineering, Technosvar, Acropolis, Euroboor, Astrinsplav, Katran, Keramax, Mashtekhnika, Metallstroysnab, MMK- Metiz, Novostal-M, NITI "Progress", Rutector, Tesvel, Tokyo Boeki, Tekhresurs-M, Technotron, Teta, Spetszashchita, SovPlym, Ferrotrade, Welding Center, Quality Center, TsTS "Vyborg", Cherepovets Welding Materials Plant, Echo+ , Electrod-Boron, Southern Industrial Group, Uraltermosvar and others.

2/3 of the exposition was occupied by new exhibitors

New companies included A3 Engineering, Acropolis, Alarm, Alpha Global, Bau, Boldrex, Cryogen, Unity, TDM Electric, Elektrod-Boron, Euroboor, Everest, Expert Group, Leader-M, MTL Group, Optron-Stavropol, PBM, TD “Rotex, Spindel, Softpol, Special Protection, Steel Management, STK, Morozov Trading House, Technored, Tekhresurs-M, Option-A, VSD and others.

Statistics, forecasts of the expert community and successful cases

Weldex 2023 will also be remembered by the large number of target visitors, exhibitors and for its rich business program. It included more than 15 events on the most important topics in the industry - from the prospects for the development of welding in Russia and measures of state support for enterprises to welding at hazardous facilities and the problems of training young specialists.

Weldex 2023 was attended by thousands of specialists to learn about new regulations in the industry, compare products of several companies live, communicate with representatives and make purchasing decisions on the spot.

Участники и посетители Международной выставки Weldex 2023

The next International Exhibition of Welding Materials, Equipment and Technologies Weldex will run on October 8-11, 2024 at Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow.

The Weldex team thanks the visitors, exhibitors and partners of the exhibition for their contribution to the organisation and holding of the key event in the welding industry. See you at Weldex 2024!