India supplies aluminium to Russia for the first time

India supplied aluminium to Russia for the first time in the spring of this year

Source: RIA Novosti.

India exported aluminium to Russia, the world's second largest exporter of the metal, for the first time in spring, according to an analysis of Indian customs data by RIA Novosti.

In April, India exported 44,800 tonnes of unprocessed aluminium, with a total value of $16.5 million, to Russian companies. This marks the first shipment of metal to Russia since at least early 2009, with earlier data not being publicly available.

Russia itself is a major exporter of the metal - at the end of 2023, the country was second in the world with shipments worth $6.5 billion.

The shipment of such a significant volume of aluminium from India to Russia may be the result of difficulties in procuring it on the domestic market from one or more consumers, according to an industry expert, Leonid Khazanov, in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

"All domestic manufacturers that use unprocessed aluminium to produce their products are stuck getting their supply between Russia's only primary aluminium producers, Rusal, or a few smaller secondary aluminium producers. Purchasing aluminium abroad, mainly in Asian countries, allows them to reduce their dependence on the sales policy of Russian producers, even though they have a long logistical supply chain," he explained.

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